“Breaking Information! Trump Tear Gases Ladies and Youngsters on the Southern Border!”

Whereas that couldn’t presumably be farther from the reality, it was mainly the emotional headline that almost each mainstream media outlet ran with after Border Patrol brokers pushed again a violent assault on a border crossing.

The liberal media is utilizing the migrant caravan challenge at our southern border as one more battering ram to bludgeon our President. And in case you haven’t already seen the image being circulated of a girl and her kids retreating from our border as border brokers defend the border from charging migrants, right here it’s.

Why is that this image the ‘face’ of the migrant caravan? Within the phrases of Obama’s proper hand man Rahm Emanuel, “By no means let disaster go to waste,” and that’s precisely what’s happening at our border with Mexico.

Let’s discover why Democrats need open borders

The Democrats have perfected the artwork of exploiting human tragedy to additional their trigger, I imply in any case their motto is “the ends justify the means.”

So what are the ends? I believe it’s apparent – extra authorities.

The means? Collapse the welfare state inside the US by overwhelming they system with an inflow of immigrants that they know rattling nicely this nation can not deal with.

The Means: Why do Democrats need open borders?

The reply is easy, POWER! It’s easy actually, extra individuals necessitates a ‘want’ for extra authorities. The present migrant caravan story is simply the newest instance. We’ve been in an unlawful immigration disaster for many years, with tens of thousands and thousands of individuals coming into the nation illegally.

So observe with me now – extra individuals, extra authorities. And what’s the purpose of an open border? To ask unlawful immigration. And who’re unlawful immigrants? Of necessity, they’re usually individuals who have little or no. They in all probability don’t communicate the language. They don’t have jobs or help techniques prepared. In order that they develop into wards of the state.

The Democrats bribe immigrants with guarantees of healthcare, schooling, meals stamps, and many others. the identical manner they do everybody else. They create dependents. So now you might have an entire new class of Democrat voters that might be with them for all times.

A model new study shows that 63 p.c of non-citizens are on some form of welfare program. 70 p.c of non-citizens who’ve been within the nation for longer than 10 years are on a welfare program.

The problem quickly turns into, as Margaret Thatcher put it, “You finally run out of different peoples cash.” At which level the prevailing system collapses.

Enter the Cloward-Piven Technique

What higher method to collapse the prevailing system and create the necessity for an enormous enlargement of the federal authorities than to import thousands and thousands of unlawful aliens into the nation? The concept is to overwhelm a system that already can not sustain with the demand for handouts. So what occurs then?

Two sociologist/progressive activists posited that actual query, and devised a nefarious scheme outlining a manner through which progressives inside the federal authorities may obtain their ends (energy, extra authorities.)

The Cloward-Piven Strategy is,

A political technique outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that known as for overloading the U.S. public welfare system so as to precipitate a disaster that may result in a alternative of the welfare system with a nationwide system of “a assured annual earnings and thus an finish to poverty.”

“A assured annual earnings,” I really feel like I’ve heard that someplace earlier than…

The Ends: management

What higher method to management the plenty than to be the only real arbiter and supply of their well-being? Is there any extra final leverage level than to coerce individuals to do no matter you need, simply to allow them to eat?

Cloward and Piven additionally touched on one other subject of the Democrat progressive motion, redistribution of earnings…

The last word goal of this technique—to wipe out poverty by establishing a assured annual earnings—might be questioned by some. As a result of the perfect of particular person social and financial mobility has deep roots, even activists appear reluctant to name for nationwide packages to remove poverty by the outright redistribution of earnings.

It is a time period we hear so much right now because the left consistently demonizes the so-called wealthy, saying they don’t pay their justifiable share. Opening the border and importing 1000’s of unlawful migrants into this nation would solely amplify these requires much more redistribution of earnings from the “wealthy.”

Demand the Border Wall

It’s clear why the Democrats need an open border. They see an open border as a method to an finish, a pathway to realize the ability they’ve at all times dreamed of. The one method to cease them from attaining that purpose is to again the few politicians we’ve got left who really get up for a safe border. The very way forward for our nation is at stake!

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