Starting in May (2019) the World Resource Organization (WRO) alongside OCEANPEC (Singapore) a multiple enterprise company focused on petrochemical products, LNG & energy commodities’ importing & exporting, will launch an all-inclusive blockchain ecosystem focusing on the main characteristics of blockchain technology: scalability, security and decentralization.  Backed by three pillars: finance, resources and high-tech services, the ecosystem is focusing on bridging traditional economies to progressive ones as well as bringing this technology to real life scenarios.

The finance in this ecosystem will be secured, transferred from buyer to seller much faster than traditional methods would be as well as have lower transaction costs with transparency and traceability. Resources in this sector include electronic evidence, supply chain management, as well as goods traceability and authentication.  Data that can be transmitted through blockchain technology such as invoices, purchase records and bills of lading can be done so with transparency and speed. Lastly, the technology sector, comprised of network providers, cloud computing service companies and telecommunications operators will all benefit from the use of the blockchain for verification and traceability.

Used as the primary means of payment, The Resource Token (RT Token), will be utilized for fees such as technical services, communication services, internet services, patent-licensing and cloud computing services.

The WRO has established a global network of partnerships and local offices to support its activities. OCEANPEC (Singapore) has made agreements with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Cuallix Bank. RT resources has established ten offices worldwide with their focus on natural gas, crude oil, precious  metals and gemstones with locations in Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia, South Korea, United States (Houston), North America (Mexico) Middle East (Abu Dhabi), Australia (Darwin), and Switzerland.

There are a total of 10 main points that the RT is set to highlight in its launch click here to see the full report.  

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