JP Morgan Chase has been re-working their blockchain platform recently according to an article on the partnership announced with Microsoft Azure and Quorum have led to a potential spin-out of the open source software project. JP Morgan Quorum lead,  Oli Harris, also mentioned some possible applications of the bank’s prototype cryptocurrency, JPM Coin.

Within the last six months Harris mentions that technologists across London, Singapore and the U.S. have “rebooted” Quorum.  The team has actually replaced Constellation, Quorums privacy layer written in Haskell computer language, with Tessera, built in Java for easier adoption in businesses and deployment.

Harris also mentioned “It’s open source software, available on Github and maintained by JP Morgan on behalf of everyone using Quorum… the more users of Quorum, the better it is for everyone, because we can help with standardization and crate even more robust tech suite.”

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