In a recent report by Reports Intellect on titled “Global Fuel Oil Market 2019-2023” highlights current industry analysis and makes its projections for the evolution and growth. The report features data and analysis from Chevron Corp, Exxon Mobil Corp., PJSC Gazprom, Qatar Petroleum, National Iranian Oil Products Distribution CO. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc. The report suggests that the rise in world refining capacity is one of the factors expected to cause growth in the fuel oil market in the next few years.

“The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is the adoption of blockchain for oil and gas industry,” said an analyst from the research team.

One of the major drivers for this market is the rise and demand in world energy.

The report expands on projections and current trends developing in the industry with themes such as: the impact of blockchain on the oil and gas industry, how the oil and gas industry is evolving itself to deploy blockchain within its operations, blockchain has the potential to drastically alter the workflow in the oil and gas industry and provide efficiency gains for the companies within the ecosystem and highlights the importance of transaction processing in the day-to-day operations of oil and gas industry and provide efficiency gains and can help revolutionize the entire transaction processing process.

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