In a recent interview with the Cointelegraph Germany, Ulrike Huemer, the chief information officer of Vienna, answered questions about the “Smart City Vienna” initiative set in 2004.  The project has since been in pursuit of providing better lives for its citizens though the newest integration of technology would be blockchain based technology in order to completely transform fields such as energy, mobility and real estate amongst others. Each facet of this project has a clear intent and end date starting as soon as the year 2025.   

The platform is aimed to help solve many of the pending projects that the capital city has in store.  A major push for the technology is based on its transparency and trust that it provides per transaction. The open government data (OGD) notarization used to facilitate food stamps, Wien Energy, the electric supplier, which is run by the city administration are looking to integrate the technology for its secure and immutable data records.

Huemer mentions,  “blockchain technology allows us to scale innovative energy solutions. Let’s use microgrids as an example: These small and decentralized networks are completely autonomous, connecting supplier and consumer in the shortest way possible, reducing the loss of power to a minimum. On top of that, they eliminate the need to expand the main grid, which can be quite expensive. We’re also exploring so-called energy-sharing via blockchain. In order to do so, we are setting up a blockchain infrastructure in the “Viertel Zwei” research district, connecting it to the existing power supply.” 


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