Jerry Cuomo, Vice President of blockchain technology at IBM expressed exemplifies the integration of blockchain-based technology in the oil and gas industry for customer Vertrax. The problems that many consortiums is that in their maturing stages some of the biggest hurdles that have come about is standardizing where to run the blockchain network, saying that “The chances that they all made the same decision on what public cloud to go to is close to zero.”

IBM customer Vertrax always knew that they wanted to develop a blockchain network based on the IBM platform. The only problem with the partnership with IBM was that Amazon Web Services (AWS) was their main cloud service provider and integrating them into IBM Cloud would not make sense for Vertrax. The new software is able to run on AWS and is also based on Hyperledger Fabric.  

Vijay Rathn, director of blockchain solutions at Chateaux, a systems integrator focused on AI, blockchain and other innovative technologies and IBM partner that created the solution for Vertrax said  “Vertrax said ‘we are an all-AWS shop; we don’t want to have to go to another cloud just for the blockchain solution…that’s why this is a great solution for someone who still wants to use all the benefits of IBM blockchain, but they can still stay in the same cloud.”

Source: Channel Features

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