Renewable Energy Network Based on Decentralization Organization (RENDBO) a project of Eco Smart Energies Ltd. announces the launch of the pre-ICO campaign in efforts to secure funds for the instillation of as many as fifty-two wind turbines for the production of green energy. 

The pre-ICO is aimed at crypto-investors to purchase the projects Renewable Energy Token at a 50% reduction in price, available to the first ten percent of the tokens sold.  Once ten million of the tokens are sold, the pre-ICO phase will end and the ICO campaign will begin.

Eco Smart Energies Ltd., has aimed to set up a total of fifty-two turbines through the RENDBO project, the company acquired 70% of the funding through the European Union irredeemable funds for green energy and the remaining 30% are to be provided with the launch of the ICO. 

The tokens will show on an app, yet released by the company but will allow for customers to view the wind power produced as well as send or receive tokens. The company’s focus for the adoption of this technology is to eliminate middlemen and minimizes the probability of fraudulent transactions and activities.  

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