ENN, Energy Holdings Limited, one of the largest energy providers in China has turned to VeChainThor Blockchain to optimize quality control and supply-chain management to better serve the growing LNG Chinese market.  Currently ENN is operating in 187 cities that cover a population of 94.57 million in China.  

The blockchain-based technology will be utilized to ensure composition, calorific value, and gasification rate of LNG. Recording and keeping track of such data has traditionally been collected different personnel on the supply chain and transmitted through various communication tools manually, which is time-consuming and vulnerable to human error. 

 ENN, VeChain and Shanghai Gas came together to create a solution for LNG (liquefied natural gas), signing a strategic cooperation agreement to develop VeChainThor Blockchain-based LNG Solution. 

Additionally this platform allows for supply chain finance to warehouse receipt pledge, quality traceability, safety assurance and more. 


Source: vechain.com

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