The podcast premiers today September 3rd, 2019 and focuses on the subject of blue-chip companies investing in blockchain-based technology.

Ziyen Inc. CEO Interviewed by leading blockchain YouTube Channel, Xenia and Masha of Value Tokenized — ‘Oil, Gas and Blockchain. CryptoTwins w/ Alastair Caithness’. Previous guests include Jeffrey Wernick, early investor in Uber, Bitcoin and Airbnb.

In this podcast Alastair Caithness discusses why top blue-chip companies are exploring and integrating blockchain-based technology to their business solutions. He also explains why major oil and gas companies in the likes of Shell, Exxon-Mobil and Gazprom are piloting and funding blockchain-based projects.

Mr. Caithness also puts into context the significance of tokenization and what it means to the $5 trillion oil and gas industry as he explains what ‘creating a layer of liquidity’ will mean to the world.


To learn more about the company and investment opportunities visit, or contact

To follow the issuance of ZiyenCoin’s on the Ethereum Blockchain click here.

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